Casino APLAY has prepared gorgeous gifts for you to start playing.


APLAY casino has prepared gorgeous gifts for you to start playing. Get bonuses for the first 3 deposits up to 40,000 rub + 150 fs and win! The main argument in favor of online casinos is honesty control. Honesty control is what guarantees fair play, and therefore a serious chance of winning. Take, for example, the exciting and popular black jack game today. Since this game is more dependent on chance, honesty control is extremely important here. The honesty control in online black jack is carried out using the md5 cryptographic algorithm. This algorithm was created to generate unlimited length text message fingerprint digests. Later, after the emergence of online casinos, it became clear that this algorithm is perfect for exercising control over the fairness of the game on the part of the casino. How everything happens. Before the start of the game, the random number generator "shuffles" the cards in the deck, and a secret line is created. It indicates the order of the cards in the deck. In this case, each card is designated by two symbols: the first symbol denotes the face value of the card, and the second its suit. After the secret string is created, it is processed by the md5 algorithm. The result of processing is a digital signature, which looks like a set of Latin letters and numbers. From this moment, it is impossible to rearrange even one card without changing the digital signature. Before the start of the game, the player is shown the resulting digital signature, and after the end of the game, a file with a secret line of the location of cards in the deck is provided. And it is possible to check if this string matches the cep that was issued before the start of the game. Fortunately, there are many sites for such checks, and the casino website has such an option. The check is simple, you process the data of the secret string with the md5 algorithm, and you get a cep. If the received cep is identical to the one that was shown before the start of the game, everything is in order. A discrepancy in at least one character already indicates fraud. At the same time, it is impossible to deceive md5. Special attention is paid to safety in Azart Play. The md5 system, on which the work is based, fully guarantees the random drop of numbers. When playing for real money, user registration is required. A client privacy program is followed. 24-hour support service will solve all your questions. For the convenience of handling, 3 options are offered: e-mail, on-line chat and a free telephone line.

Among them are the famous "balls" and "dolphins", which means that it will definitely not be boring. Thousands of new slots are currently being released in the world. On the site you can even play free slot machines, and every player can find a game to their liking. Fans of classics and good old machines can turn their attention to "golden sevens deluxe" and other slot machines in a similar style fruits and sevens deluxe, party games slotto deluxe and others. Here you will find the main symbols of luck, the seven, and the bright graphics and excellent music will immediately capture gamblers. Incredible and colorful 3d graphics await players in fast delights, notre dames and other modern slots. Magnificent slot machines fascinate visitors from the first minutes of the game, giving an unprecedented pleasure of excitement. It is simply impossible to tear yourself away from such slots with a modern design, immerse yourself in the colorful world of excitement and risk. American roulette enterprising Americans brought French roulette to their continent and supplemented it somewhat. In this youngest version of the game, there are as many as two "zeros", and, accordingly, 38 sectors. Roulette bull drum for this type of game has the shape of a bowl, and there are only 18 sectors themselves, the fifth sector plays the role of zero.
Card roulette is a rather unusual type of game. The wheel in this case is replaced by cards, the serial numbers of which correspond to the numbers of the sectors. Here, fortune gives players unlimited opportunities to win both by the roulette principle and by collecting poker combinations. Free online roulette is a great chance to improve your skills in the game, as well as have a great time without risking anything. When the player is already comfortable enough and chooses the type of roulette that suits his liking, then he can move on to playing for real money. Roulette is available for free and without registration in the online casino at any time. Gamblers just need to go to the site and start playing. All the rest will be decided by Mrs. Fortune and a lucky break. Indeed, online poker is available even without registration and is completely free. Agree, in which casino you would be allowed to play poker for an unlimited amount of time without risking real money. In an online casino, you can use free chips as much as you like in order to work out your strategy for winning, better understand the rules and practice for your pleasure, experiencing the same excitement and risk as in the normal game mode. And, of course, you can try all types of poker presented on the site.

Gamblers are waiting for a variety of poker, among which they will certainly be able to find exactly the game that will bring them the most luck. Oasis Poker is played with 52 cards. Each player receives five face down cards, and only the last card of the dealer is revealed, against which the game is being played. The winner is the one who has collected the most profitable combination, which is older than the dealer's combination. Joker poker in this variation of the joker game can replace any card in the combination of both the player and the dealer. Caribbean Poker is a poker game that is ideal for beginners and is played only by the player and the dealer. Three Card Poker As the name suggests, the player is dealt three cards face down. All players are required to have an initial ante bet. Double joker poker as many as two jokers increase the chances of winning for gamblers. The Joker that can replace any card and thus help you make a winning combination is so valuable. As you can see, poker is a game with a long history and established traditions. Don't be afraid to take risks and you will always find exactly the game in which you are lucky. Welcome to the world of excitement and risk. The game of poker is known all over the world, and this gambling game has many avid fans. However, modern trends dictate their own rules, and now, poker can be played on the Internet. The latest advancement in gambling is video poker. The video poker game is much simpler than usual, there are simple rules, which means more dynamism.

How pleasant it is to while away the evening with an interesting game of poker. Now you can do this without leaving your home. Each player, even a professional, needs some time to delve into the rules of a new game for himself, to determine the optimal size of bets and, of course, to develop a winning strategy. As a rule, there are several strategies at once, so it takes a lot of time to test them, and a thorough study of all the nuances of the game can take weeks. Online casino provides such an opportunity for every visitor. As you can see, video poker for free and without registration is quite real. The aim of playing video poker is exactly the same as in regular poker - it is to make the most profitable combination of the offered cards. Jacks or better is recommended for all beginners, this video poker has very simple rules and there are no pitfalls. We collect a winning poker combination and win, especially since the joker can always come to the rescue. Wild Deuces is one of the most popular video poker games and is always popular with casino visitors. Double triple This game involves a regular 52-card deck, but as a highlight there are two more double and triple cards, respectively, which double or triple the winnings. Dozens and higher, as the name implies, in this video poker the combinations start from 2 dozen, otherwise it is quite traditional, and will appeal to both a professional and a beginner. Go to an online casino and choose from a variety of those that suit your taste. Video poker is not only a gambling entertainment, but also a good income if you know how to take risks and stop on time, which, however, is important for playing all gambling games. Catch your luck and join the millions of winners who have already discovered online casinos. The essence of the game is to collect the sum of the cards in hand as close as possible to 21 and exceeding the dealer's value. If the player scores more than 21 points, then he loses and the game ends. As a rule, several decks are used for the game. For a successful game, casino visitors need to constantly analyze and calculate the options, however, without a certain favor of fortune, as in any gambling game, one cannot do here either. Playing blackjack online for free is not a problem. Go to the casino website and try a free demo version of a wide variety of games, even without registration. Online casino gives players a chance to understand the rules and nuances of the game, how to practice, without risking real money. Most of all, new achievements are inspired by the sweet feeling of victory. Therefore, the casino has prepared at least 24 chances to win for you every day. Every hour a battle starts in our casino, in which everyone can win. Prizes are awarded automatically if they are not real prizes that will be delivered to players in person. Go to the battles page, choose a battle to your liking and emerge victorious!